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Cloudstands for AI, ML, and analytics

Drive your data-first modernization.

Power digital transformation from edge to cloud

Organizations in every industry are looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to harness the power of their data and deliver business value. But even when they achieve some measure of success with machine learning pilot programs, many organizations face challenges when they seek to scale these programs to production: lack of data control, data egress costs, security, AI ethics concerns, lack of expertise and deployment flexibility, siloed data and workflows, edge deployments, and daunting operational costs.

Get the AI, ML for Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform experience

To help you mine continuous streams of value locked in your data, Cloudstands delivers a trusted, enterprise-grade AI/ML and analytics cloud-like experience so you can accelerate your data modernization initiatives, from edge to cloud. With a cloud-native architecture, support for open source data science tools, and AI accelerators and frameworks, it provides choice and an elastic, unified analytics platform for data and applications on-premises, at the edge, and in public clouds. The consistent experience helps data, IT teams, developers, and analysts simplify the complexities of machine learning lifecycles and data management at scale, leading to better, faster decisions no matter where your data resides.

Unify and share analytics

Take control of your data and achieve up to 35% more efficiency 1 than the public cloud using the industry’s first Kubernetes-native unified, modern, hybrid analytics and data lake platform. With your S3-native object store, files, streams, and databases combined in one scalable data platform, your data scientists, developers, and analysts can collaborate on mission-critical projects and deliver real business value.

Operationalize and automate machine learning

Accelerate development with the agility of a cloud-like experience to standardize and operationalize the machine learning lifecycle from planning to model development, training, deployment, and monitoring. With the ability to provision testing and development environments in minutes, you gain targeted, rapid innovation that can evolve quickly in response to changing data.

Scale and modernize AI infrastructure

Deploy converged high-performance computing (HPC)/AI workloads on GPUs and high-performance clusters with predictable, transparent costs. You can quickly scale as needed with next-generation architecture and, using continuous monitoring, you can right-size capacity and even enable capacity-bursting on-site, on demand.

Extend your resources with AI and data expertise

Tap the broad and deep set of Cloudstands experts in AI/machine learning, analytics, HPC, cloud, Edge/IoT services and position your developers and data scientists for successful AI solution deployment. With comprehensive support, your IT operation teams can bridge their knowledge gap and sustain your AI solutions at enterprise scale. Named a leader in IDC’s AI IT Infrastructure Services MarketScape, Cloudstands is helping hundreds of global customers accelerate their data-first modernization journey.