About Cloudstands

Cloudstands for containers

Run Kubernetes at scale on premises.

Enterprise-grade container management services

Container-based architectures enable enterprises to accelerate application development and app-driven innovation while increasing application efficiency and portability. Kubernetes is the standard for container orchestration, and Cloudstands leads the way in enabling Kubernetes at enterprise scale.

Get the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform experience

Standing up appropriate infrastructure and resources for on-premises enterprise-scale containerized deployment has long been a complex and expensive endeavor. Today, however, cloud services for containers through the Cloudstands platform can deliver a preconfigured platform designed for multicluster, multitenant Kubernetes deployment directly to your on-premises or co-located data center.

Your workloads can be unpredictable, and container environments can have rapid and unpredictable growth. The Cloudstands platform provides capacity ahead of demand so you always scale your applications to support business requirements but only pay for it when it’s consumed. And with an as-a-service delivery model, Cloudstands takes care of the management of the entire container platform, monitors capacity, and meters usage for complete transparency into your usage and associated costs.

Reduce complexity

Containers can be difficult to manage as deployments scale and/or expand to a hybrid environment. Enterprise IT is forced to maintain two fundamentally different application deployment environments: cloud-native applications designed with microservices and DevOps principles; and monolithic, non-cloud-native applications deployed through traditional IT practices. Cloudstands for Private Cloud Enterprise, using containers, is powered by Cloudstands Ezmeral Runtime, delivering a unified control plane for cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps that automates and manages on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid container deployments.

Modernize legacy, non-cloud native apps

Modernizing monolithic apps is costly and time consuming, and stateful apps require persistent storage. With the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform experience, you can run traditional legacy apps as containers in Kubernetes-orchestrated clusters with a pre-integrated distributed data fabric that enables the persistent storage these apps require.

Reduce security risk with a secure, multi-tenant environment

Ensuring security across cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps across data centers, clouds, and edges is difficult without a common security and governance model. The Cloudstands platform delivers enterprise-class security with integrations into enterprise security and authentication services. In addition, this solution offers in-place access to enterprise data sources without creating data copies.

Built on Kubernetes

Application developers can access a self-service App Store of curated, prebuilt images for a wide range of applications including machine learning, analytics, IoT/edge, CI/CD, and application modernization. This fully managed Kubernetes service supports multiple different use cases, and we now offer an Cloudstands service focused on operationalizing your machine learning workloads on containers.