About Cloudstands

Cloudstands for data protection

Modernize data protection for all your SLAs with industry-leading backup, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery.

Seamless data protection, edge to cloud

Data, the critical store of business value, is growing exponentially. To effectively exploit data while protecting against data loss and ransomware threats, organizations must modernize data protection from edge to cloud — simplifying operations, aligning infrastructure to actual use, and shifting from insurance to insight.

Get the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform experience

Secure your backup data and harness its true value with Cloudstands, a service that helps meet your data protection SLAs without up-front capital expense or overprovisioning risk. On-demand cloud backup and recovery services deliver agility while preconfigured, on-premises solutions extend your options. It's all delivered with the agility of elastic scale and a pay-per-use structure that links business value to use. Protect your hybrid cloud instantly and deploy your on-premises data protection solution in a matter of days.

Get an end-to-end solution

Leverage efficient, enterprise-class data protection with the right mix of cloud and on-premises storage. From rapid recovery to ransomware protection to long-term retention, the Cloudstands platform delivers simple, no-compromise disaster recovery and backup from edge to cloud. Cloudstands can also provide a customised disaster-recovery-as-a-service.

Scale on demand

Don't be held back by unpredictable data growth and cumbersome resource planning for backup and recovery. Managed billing ensures capacity without waste across cloud, virtual, and physical environments, while a rich ecosystem of partners eliminates lock-in.

Pay for what you use

A flexible, pay-per-use model offers simplicity and financial clarity: make monthly payments based on usage, transparently monitor your usage via the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform and avoid significant up-front data protection expense.

Free up IT resources

Enable your IT team to deliver their highest value by freeing them from time spent on undifferentiated tasks. The Cloudstands platform is managed for you by trusted Cloudstands experts who unleash your IT team to focus their time on innovating for the business.