About Cloudstands

Cloudstands for database

Database-optimized hardware, software, and services in a single, unique, pay-per-use form.

Seamless data protection, edge to cloud

Many enterprises have their high-performance databases supported by traditional infrastructure. Managing these segregated workloads results in burdensome manual processes that can expose your database to costly human error. In addition to high maintenance costs, database sprawl, and increased security risk, such siloed operations on traditional infrastructure result in slow provisioning, inflexibility, poor quality insights, and expensive workarounds for disaster recovery.

Gain cloud-like benefits for on-premises infrastructure

Transform your core and edge workloads with a cloud experience and operating model for database applications and workloads close to where the data lives. The Cloudstands platform delivers the pay-per-use pricing, point and-click self-service, scalability, and flexibility of the cloud experience with the security of dedicated, on-premises IT.

Run and protect business-critical databases

Pre-sized database-optimized configurations provide superior uninterrupted operations for mission-critical environments. Cloudstands storage offers benefits including AI-driven predictive analytics to speed troubleshooting and enable uptime for business databases, including guaranteed data availability.

Lower IT costs

With the Cloudstands platform, you can boost efficiency and manage risk with no up-front costs or wasted spend on overprovisioning. Variable monthly payments are based on your actual usage above your reserve capacity, with Cloudstands managing and metering your usage for you. Easily align costs to outcomes, while you maintain visibility and control of your data.

Help optimize your solution with additional database services

Cloudstands offers a range of database-specific services that assist with systems and database operations, management, maintenance, and planning. Optional services can be added for database and application analysis, planning, migration, implementation, and project management.