About Cloudstands

Hybrid and multi-cloud services from Cloudstands

Design, build, and operate the right cloud architecture for your data-first modernization.

Ensure your hybrid and multi-cloud environment is working for you

Consume pre-architected and validated end-to-end hybrid cloud managed services with an existing, brownfield IT environment that provides a full view into your consumption and use across your entire hybrid and multi-cloud estate. With the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform, you can consume, manage, and control all your cloud services from a single, self-service dashboard, enabling your IT staff to focus on business outcomes, such as developing new applications and services to attract more customers and grow revenue.

Get the Cloudstands edge-to-cloud platform experience

It’s time for a simplified solution that helps you get the most from hybrid cloud without high costs and a steep learning curve. The Cloudstands platform reduces risk and complexity, while accelerating cloud adoption with automated cloud operations to manage and optimize performance, costs, security, and compliance.

Simplify cloud operations

Get a unified cloud experience and operating model for your public and private clouds that can streamline operations, reduce risk, and accelerate business outcomes. With the Cloudstands platform, you can automate your hybrid cloud operations, which helps you to manage and optimize performance, cost, security, and compliance for your workloads across your hybrid, multi-cloud estate.

Eliminate skill gaps

Gain advantage without having to find the right—and expensive—skills. Leverage Cloudstands managed hybrid cloud service experts to help you quickly plan, adopt, deploy, and maintain the right mix of cloud technologies to move your business forward. Add services to meet business needs for security and compliance control, performance tuning, migration services, and more.

Align costs to business outcomes

Enhance governance, control, and visibility, along with analytics, to optimize costs and performance. For private cloud solutions, the underlying infrastructure is also metered, so you only pay for what you use above a reserve. You always have capacity ahead of demand.

Free up IT resources

Focus more on solving business problems with technology and less on the heavy lifting involved in IT operations with our Cloudstands Hybrid Cloud managed services. Cloudstands partners with you to help you run your IT with optimal performance, reliability, and cost efficiency, allowing your team to concentrate on innovation, new projects, and business-critical matters.